Accounts Receivable/Factoring in Nashville, TN

Ironhorse LLC offers the most comprehensive solutions for accounts receivable/factoring in Nashville, TN. Our program for invoice factoring includes much more than simply providing a way for local businesses to quickly process unsettled customer accounts. Our accounts receivable financing solutions for Nashville, TN entrepreneurs includes:

• The ability to optimize cash flow
• No negative impact on credit ratings
• Removal of waiting period caused by staggered payment schedules
• Elimination of collections
• Automation of the accounting process
• Accumulation of growth capital

The Benefits Of Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable financing, also known as factoring, is used by businesses in every industry throughout Nashville, TN. Ironhorse sits down with local business owners to understand how their invoicing process works, their goals, and their current cash flow situation. We will then create an accounts receivable financing solution tailored to their requirements. Ironhorse gives the fastest turnaround on open invoices in the Nashville area. Without program for invoice factoring, Nashville businesses get access to a number of benefits, including:

• Invoices to cash within 24 hours
• No fixed payments
• No waiting on loan board decisions
• Free credit insurance on qualifying customers
• No debt
• Non-recourse financing
• Reusable financing that grows with your business

Invoice Factoring Removes The Need For Collections

While staggered payment schedules create a strain on cash flow, the act of performing collections on overdue accounts can make things worse. For example, most businesses in Nashville, TN issue invoices with payment schedules of 30 days or more. If an invoice goes beyond the payment schedule, the account is then turned over to collections. Unfortunately, collections can take up to 40 days or more to complete, so at the very least, Nashville businesses can end up waiting over two months before seeing revenue on overdue accounts. Invoice factoring in Nashville, TN eliminates the need for collections by automating the accounting process. As invoices are generated from sales, they are submitted for accounts receivable financing in exchange for cash within 24 hours.

Accounts Receivable Financing From Ironhorse

Ironhorse provides invoice factoring for all industries in the Nashville area. Some of the industries and businesses we serve include:

• Legal practices
• Event venues
• Caterers
• Trucking fleets and owner operators
• Healthcare canters and private practices
• Staffing agencies
• Contractors
• Consultants
• Distributors
• Retirement homes
• Assisted living centers and managed care
• Construction and landscaping

Stop Waiting On Customer Payments

Ironhorse provides accounts receivable financing to help businesses in Nashville, TN remove the waiting period and speed up their cash flow. Because our invoice factoring program does not place debt on the books, local businesses can accumulate growth capital and cover overhead expenses without having to rely on traditional loans. As sales increase, the amounts of financing available also increases to promote growth among Nashville businesses. If you are tired of dedicating time and other resources to track payments across multiple customer accounts, or if you want to avoid financial stress by maximizing your cash flow, contact the experts at Ironhorse LLC today.