4 Tips for Introverted Entrepreneurs

You’ve probably noticed that the business world seems to cater to extroverts. Successful entrepreneurship requires charisma to inspire a team. Also, charisma is a requirement for networking and maintaining good client relationships. If you’re an introvert, this may seem daunting. Your preference is for quieter environments and communications. Keep in mind, though, that charisma also has a lot to do with sincerity, integrity, and alignment. All of these qualities can be found in introverts as well as extroverts. Wondering how to show up with authenticity as an introverted business owner? Here are a few key suggestions. 

1. Create the Right Environment

You own the company and brand. Therefore, you have the opportunity to build and define it in any way you want. Naturally, it’s important to consider practical limits and what’s actually effective for your business. You do have a lot of latitude, though, to develop values and policies that align with your introverted nature. Do you prefer written communication to in-person communication? Consider making your business completely remote. Does selling make you uncomfortable? Focus on inbound marketing strategies. 

2. Choose Your Niche Wisely

Before you take the time to develop your business plan, consider your idea carefully. Determine how it will relate to your emotional and mental needs and your personality style. It’s crucial that you play to your strengths. Be laser-focused in this area if you’re an introvert. Chances are, you have specific skills and giftings that no one else has. Also, design your business model to minimize demands on interaction. You may need to leverage tools more than people. Find a balance that works for you. 

3. Leverage Online Interaction

Online platforms can help you make positive connections without depleting you. Emails and instant messages give you a chance to plan what you’re going to say in advance and give you a chance to be memorable. That way, when you go out in the real world, prospective clients and partners will have a more complete idea of what you’re like. 

4. Seek Out People Who Complement You

Prioritize finding employees and business partners who complement your skill set and personality. Their basic values should be well aligned with yours. Screen carefully for these qualities using StrengthsFinder or a similar tool. 

Entrepreneurship requires thorough self-knowledge and willingness to act effectively on this knowledge. If you’re an introvert, keep these suggestions in mind as you build your enterprise.