A Complete Guide to Customer Retention for Small Business Owners

Customer retention is comprised of the steps that companies take to hold on to customers once they have acquired them. This initiates as soon as a client walks through your door or somehow makes contact and lasts the length of the business relationship. Studies show that retention of the customers you already have is a much more cost-effective means of ensuring company prosperity than the attraction of new customers. This makes it imperative that small businesses invest a considerable amount of time and resources on customer retention strategies. Here are some tips to help ensure that your customer retention efforts succeed.

Communicate Personally

Good customer retention begins with personalized service, which draws customers into a recognition and appreciation of your brand. Engage with your clients on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Provide them with opportunities to share their impressions of your company, and respond to their suggestions and ideas.

Establish Relationships

Establishing relationships with your clients helps to build an atmosphere of trust and loyalty. If they come to view you and your experienced personnel as experts in your field and trusted advisors, they are more likely to continue to rely on your business for support.

Exceed Expectations

Set the initial expectations of your customers slightly lower than the level of quality and service you are able to provide, and then they will be impressed when you exceed them. Continue to impress clients by taking extra steps to supply their needs and address their concerns.

Be Proactive

Anticipate customer concerns before they come up so that their experience with your business is smooth and unhindered. Look ahead to any possible problems with your goods or services, and be ready with answers before questions are even posed.

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