Customer Service: 5 Strategies to Make Sure your Customers Come First

Customer acquisition costs can often make or break a business. It costs far less to maintain customers than to acquire new ones, so customer service at each step of the way has to a priority. Use these five strategies to put your customer first and foremost.

• A warm welcome

The first point of contact you have with a customer is your welcome. It’s not time to push sales, but to listen to their needs and provide advice on making a good decision.

• Making the purchase

Let your customer know that you deal fairly and openly. Inform him or her of special deals, competitive rates and other information that will help him or her make a good decision.

• If things go wrong

Most people won’t follow up when something goes wrong, but those that do expect great customer service. Customers can be forgiving when a business tries to fix problems after the sale.

• Keeping in touch

Customers may not be ready to make another sale right away, but you want to make sure that your name is on their tongue when they get asked for recommendations or want to buy again. Walking a fine line between keeping in touch and over-marketing can be tricky, but it’s better than dropping customers after the sale.

• Service

Put customer service first by making it easy and convenient to get service or updates on the product you sell. Don’t make it difficult to find replacement parts or information. Customers expect the same quality of service that you provided during the sales process.

Today’s consumer has multiple options for just about anything they want to buy. Putting customer service first at each point of the sale will help you focus on excellence.

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