How To Adopt a Green Lifestyle For Your Company

As the owner of a company, you are constantly looking for ways to cut costs in your facility. You should also work towards making your organization an eco-friendly business. From reducing your energy usage to encouraging walking and biking, you can influence your facility and staff to adopt a green lifestyle. Here are a few ways to do this.

Getting To the Job

There are ways to save the planet before you step foot in your facility. You can encourage your staff to group together for a carpool. Set out a sign-up sheet in your common area to invite them to do so. If you know a couple of employees who live near each other, you can introduce them to each other and suggest that they travel together. Install racks for anyone who would rather ride their bicycle instead of driving their car. Set up a wellness plan that awards prizes for the miles that they walk or bike. This will encourage more individuals to choose this option over their vehicles and will put you on track toward being an eco-friendly business.

In the Workplace

One significant way that you can benefit the environment in your office is to insist that memos, meeting invites, and other daily company communications be kept to email. Reports that need to be reviewed should also be exchanged this way. If there is a multi-page document that must be printed out, it should be on both pages instead of the front alone. This cuts down on the paper that is used in your organization. Set your lights to a timer so that they turn off when no one is there unless an occupant overrides them. When a new employee starts with you, have your IT department set their computer to go into sleep mode if it is left alone for a certain amount of time. This will help reduce the power that is used in your eco-friendly business.

In Your Break Room

Purchase organic cleaners for your facility that will preserve the planet and are less harmful to humans. Invest in dishes and silverware for your staff to use when they are eating their lunches. It is better for the environment for them to clean these items after each use than to use a paper plate or plastic forks and spoons. Provide each staff member with a bottle or encourage them to bring one in then bring in a source of water for them to fill their containers with. This eco-friendly business tip reduces the amount of plastic that goes into the trash and then the landfill.