Startup Owners: Habits Every Successful Small Business Owner Possesses

Startup owners have a lot on their plates. They’re the go-to for everything: making leadership decisions, crunching numbers, overseeing day-to-day operations, hitting the pavement to make connections and market the company–the list goes on.

The key to managing life as a startup owner? Developing habits. When you make any task a habit, it gets you in a groove and makes it easier to complete it every day. These seven habits will turn you into a successful entrepreneur.

1. Kickstart your days with exercise. Make it a tradition to set aside some time in the morning for the gym, running, biking, walking your dog, swimming, or any fitness activity of your choice. Doing this will wake up your brain and body, making you more productive at work. (Plus, there are few things better than exercise for long-term health and wellness.

2. Network as much as you can. Making connections is the key to professional growth–both for you as an entrepreneur and for your company. The more people you know, the more access to knowledge, advice, and opportunities you’ll have.

3. Read books! Through books, you can be mentored from afar by hundreds of smart and successful people–alive and dead. Famously successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Elon Musk are avid readers and extol its benefits.

4. Schedule breaks. Startup owners are often famous for their never-stop attitudes, but not taking breaks can lead to burnout. Try to fit in 5-10 minutes of downtime once an hour, where you can get some fresh air, meditate, or read those books from step 3.

5. Never stop learning. Even if your business is successful, don’t get complacent. Constantly look for ways you can learn new skills and stretch your brain.

6. Get some non-work hobbies. Having a hobby keeps you interesting and creative as a person. Whether your passion is music, outdoor activities, collecting, chess playing, wood carving, or basket weaving, make time for it! Don’t let your life be all about the company.

7. Give back–if not with money, then with time. Donating to charities is wonderful when your business reaches a place where you can afford philanthropy. But it’s also great to get personally involved with your community. Set up some volunteer days throughout the year where you take your team to animal shelters, soup kitchens, or other charitable events. It feels good and shows you’re a socially responsible business.

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