The Benefits of Equipment Financing

There are many benefits to equipment financing such as the ability to purchase the things you need to keep your company in business. This process can also be quick, fully funded and relatively easy to apply for. The more research you do into the process of financing your equipment, the more benefits you are likely to find for your company.




Most businesses will qualify for equipment financing with just a check of your company’s credit and financial history. Your repayment terms will depend on that check as well as the value of the equipment and the amount of the loan. Most lenders will not give you more than the value of the unit as financing, but you may be able to lump together various pieces of equipment into one financing plan with the right lender and terms. Many times you can apply online for the financing and upload any needed documentation to get started from the comfort of your own office. Some of the documents you may need include past bank statements and equipment quotes.




When compared to some of the other ways you can get financing, finding the funding for equipment can be relatively quick. This is because the equipment itself is the collateral and the credit check is a matter of routine instead of a deeper investigation. This is one of the types of financing that is designed to be as quick as possible to get you to work sooner. If you were to take out a traditional bank loan and then use it to purchase equipment, you can be waiting months for approval.


Fully Funded


This financing will pay for the full amount of the equipment. This can help you get what you need without a large down payment and get the units working for you faster. Not to say that you cannot use a down payment for your advantage with this type of financing, just that it is not usually required. You can use this funding for everything, from computers to heavy construction equipment, your company needs to do business.


Equipment financing can offer you many different benefits, especially if you are looking to upgrade or expand your current setup. This type of financing is usually quick with a relatively easy application process. Is it also fully funded financing for your units, meaning that you will probably not need a huge down payment for the items that you must have to do business.