The Importance of Personality when Assembling your Business Team

Any successful business team needs to be able to mesh well as a group, with complimentary temperaments that can work productively. Considering different personalities is vital to this process, and a good mixture of personalities is a key ingredient of success.

Personality is often overlooked in the creation of a business team, because many fail to realize how much it influences. It affects a person’s role in their team, how they interact with their teammates, and whether there is a conflict between their personal values and core beliefs and the team’s as a whole. A major issue in any of these categories can cause huge problems.

Considering how much personality can affect a business team, we can see the mistake many organizations and leaders make; they focus on the technical abilities of candidates and disregard interpersonal skills. No matter how skillful an individual, if they can’t work productively in a team, everyone involved is going to suffer for it.

The obvious question when hiring new people, then, is “How do I overcome this?” There are a few things that you should be on the lookout for when adding people to your business team.

1. A good candidate should be goal-oriented and relationship-focused, so you know they’ll work hard and get on with companions.

2. They should also respect details and existing processes – rule-breakers tend not to mesh well with each other – and be willing and ready to support each other with work and ideas.

3. Finally, a good candidate for your business team will be someone with a strong pragmatic vein, not one to give in to strong emotions. Emotionally stable teammates will discuss problems calmly, as opposed to shouting and yelling.

Strong evidence shows that teams that follow these dynamics are dramatically more successful than those that don’t. A recent Harvard Business Review article demonstrated that business teams that fall down on even one of those metrics can fall apart or fail to meet targets.

So don’t just think about qualifications in future. Think about people too.

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