Ways to Make your Business More Eco-Friendly

When you incorporate eco-friendly business practices at your company, you can reduce your carbon footprint, and help build your company’s reputation at the same time. Customers enjoy dealing with responsible businesses and some of the best employees like working for companies that stand for something. All in all, environmentally aware practices are good for business. Use these tips for inspiration to go green at work:

• Encourage eco-friendly commuting: Telecommuting from your home office is perhaps the ideal way to be kind to the environment. Your home office can have tax advantages as well, of course. If possible, walk or bike to work—and encourage employees to do the same.

• Recycle, re-use and avoid plastic: Avoid using disposable water plastic bottles—these are a problem even if you diligently recycle. Instead, supply filtered water and paper cups. Also encourage staff to use typical (reusable) ceramic mugs or glasses.

• Source and purchase sustainable supplies and services: Ask your vendors if their products are manufactured sustainably and/or made from renewable material.

• Use non-toxic cleaning products around the office. Ensure your janitorial company follows suit.

• Fix leaks or drips promptly: In the office kitchen and bath, make sure plumbing is well maintained to conserve water. Install low-flow toilets and faucet aerators.

• Use strategic landscaping: You can reduce the need for air conditioning with large indoor plants or properly placed outdoor trees or bushes. Alternatively, think about opting for drought-tolerant landscaping. Use an eco-friendly drip system to water the greenery.

• Purchase energy efficient appliances: Look for the Energy Star label to identify appliances that reduce energy bills and your company’s carbon footprint. Change to energy efficient LED light bulbs, too.

• Use the Cloud: Reduce the need for printing/paper and help remote workers share information easily.

• Donate re-usable items: Don’t trash old office furnishings, computers, etc. Find a non-profit who can use them. If they’re un-usable, take to the proper recycling center.

Make a wise investment in eco-friendly business strategies to boost your business. For additional investment advice, contact Ironhorse, LLC today.