Working Capital: Business Loans & Commercial Financing in Nashville, TN


Finding the right solutions for working capital in Nashville, TN can be challenging. Traditional lending institutions often have prohibitively high requirements, as well as limits on the amount of financing they can offer to small business owners. Additionally, most new and small businesses in the Nashville area would rather avoid taking on debt if at all possible. At Ironhorse LLC we offer two programs working capital in Nashville, TN which can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

• Expansion and growth projects
• Marketing campaigns
• Increased purchasing power
• Restocking inventory
• Hiring additional staff
• Meeting overhead expenses and financial obligations

Merchant Cash Advances for Nashville, TN Businesses

Ironhorse provides merchant cash advances to business in Nashville, TN. Our merchant cash advances offer a number of benefits, including:

• Financing up to $200,000
• No debt placed on the books
• No fixed payments
• No designated usage
• Fast approvals and distribution of funds
• Credit ratings are preserved
• No Prepayment penalties
• Zero collateral necessary
• No closing costs
• No application fee
• Easy and flexible repayment

One of the biggest benefits of merchant cash advances is the flexibility. Instead of budgeting for fixed payments, merchant cash advances use a different approach. The balance on a merchant cash advance is repaid from a small percentage of credit card receipts. This gives Nashville businesses the working capital they need, without debt, along with the flexibility they demand. Unlike traditional loans, merchant cash advances have no specific designation, so local business owners have no restrictions on how the capital is used.

Unsecured Lines Of Credit For Nashville, TN Businesses

Ironhorse also offers unsecured lines of credit for both new and established businesses. Our unsecured business lines of credit provide Nashville area businesses an extra source of working capital without having to navigate the red tape of traditional credit providers and lending institutions. Our unsecured lines of credit for new businesses feature:

• Credit lines up to $50,000 based on credit history
• Fast application process
• Approval is not dependent on revenue history
• No collateral required

We also offer unsecured lines of credit for established and growing businesses in Nashville

• Credit lines up to $500,000 for established businesses
• Interest rates as low as zero percent
• Revolving and non-revolving options available

Get The Working Capital You Need

If you own a business in Nashville, TN and are in need of working capital, contact the team at Ironhorse LLC. We will work with you to understand your goals, and provide a working capital solution tailored to your needs to ensure long-term success.